Who we are

Joel Katz Design is a Philadelphia based information and graphic and design office with broad experience in cartographic and
diagrammatic visualization, wayfinding programs, environmental and interpretive design, visual identity, print, and web-based design. Our clients range from authors and independent businesses to corporations, institutions, public organizations and municipalities.


We believe that pursuing a wide range of
design projects enhances our expertise
in all the areas in which we practice. It
also keeps us inspired, interested and engaged with the world at large. We are committed to making complex information accessible to those who need it.

they want to go. Our environmental and interpretive work has brought history, river stewardship, and public art to life.


In print, our charts and diagrams help people understand complex biological
and technological processes. Our visual identities and branding programs help cli–ents communicate who they are and what they bring to their intended audience. Our publication design presents textual and data-based information in ways people can easily understand.


In the electronic universe, we have
created animations that explain traffic pat- terns, the impact of poverty, and genetic fingerprints of bacteria. Our website designs illuminate organizational mis– sions, products, and services.

solution to every project. We believe in content-driven design, and place primary importance on the end users’ needs.



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For qualifications for specific types
of work (information design, cartography, wayfinding, visual identity, book design), please request a specific qualifications document.

What we do

Information design is about commu–nicating information to people, in the physical environment, in the medium of print, or in the electronic universe.


In the environment, our wayfinding programs help people find their way, inside and out, on foot, by automobile,
or on public transit, by communicating
where they are and how to get to where

How we do it

On projects of all levels of complexity
and scale, Joel Katz Design Associates integrates discipline, experience, intu- ition, and inspiration. We partner with our clients—whether one person or a whole city of interest groups—to determine the needs and goals of the end user. We progress with discipline through each project phase, meeting shared milestones and moving forward to achieve the most functional, appropriate, and cost-effective

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