Printing in color

Printing in color on Monadnock paper

One of many promotional pieces designed for Monadnock in the later '80s-early '90s, "Planets" utilized the work of 10 artists

in the media of gouache, pho-tography, and digital (the cover took 12 hours to save on a Mac Quadra with 4 Mbs of RAM).


Each planet was compared to a square the size of the earth with

a die cut (small planets) or a

blind emboss (large planets); a band across the top showed each planet's mean orbital distance from the sun.

Client: Monadnock Paper Mills

Designer: Joel Katz

Artists: Various;

Cover and Planet 10, David Schpok;

Mars, Steven Guarnaccia;


Saturn, Michael Northrup/StoboPhoto

Design firm: Paradigm:design